2002 Thanksgiving Gypsy Pilgrim Jamboree

Wekiva Springs State Park near Apopka, Florida

The Jamboree was excellent this year! The weather gods smiled upon us during the day and froze our buns at night. Actually, it was only cold for Thursday and Friday nights, the rest was very comfortable. Stay tuned for next year's event. As it will be our twentieth annual Jamboree, we are planning something special. If you have photos to share, please send me an email, send me the photos, or send me a link to the web site where they are stored.

Kevo's Jamboree Photos

Kevo proudly points to his famous dish: Grilled Aluminum Lasagna. These chicks are cook'in!

The evil ones plot against the group. It was a cold night at the homeless shelter.

Girls on film! Lets everyone gather around the old guy, ...it's story time!

Everyone take three steps to your left. Alright, Gimmie a buck for each kid and they're yours.

It needs about this much salt and just a pinch of pepper! Jan dips her hand into warm water to thaw it enough to uncoil her fingers.

Jamboree cooking is hard work. Martini Hour at Kevo's Site!!!

POOF! Nancy turned into Janet! Ok, Bill we're gonna need a fire, right here!

I think I crapped myself, If you ladies will excuse me. In Kevin's world, group photos were a lonely time.

Morning coffee with Sharon, ...Ahh to hell with pretenses, she cracked a beer when her eyes opened this morning. Joe notices another bottle of Wesson oil and grins expectantly.

Jim's Jamboree Photos

Kevo grills another batch of aluminum foil. The Barber Shop Grillers

Terri, Janet, and Jan Jan, Bo, Jim, and Susie

Mikee's natural magnetism draws in a crowd. This Super-Glue is AMAZING!

Jim pops a turkey into hot oil Susie helps Joe fry some potato pancakes

Margie, Terri, and Debbie Jim tries to convince Janet that the propane tank is his son.

One fried bird: ready to eat. Nope! No beers here, Officer!

Chair Parade Steve sprinkling pixie dust on a park visitor

Do we have any more room in your purse? Whoa! Deviled eggs do not make for good tent fellows.

Janet and Mike Jamboree Cheesecake

Kevo's Camp Wolfe Camp

Hippie Camp Camp Weiner

I'm hoping we can sit here long enough to keep everyone from drinkin' my beer. Gypsy Pilgrims eat very well

Camp Dudas Heather and Sherry

Tim and Debbie hawk their rug Lois bolts a piece of pumpkin pie

Devil Dog Poking marshmallows into the flames

No, really, I like it burnt. Over the fire? Whaddya mean?

Desi and her Dad Julie, Debbie, Janet, Gary, and Steve

Gary and Steve make a Heather Sandwich Debbie gets caught pouring beer into her Cheerios

Wille shows the kids how Michael Jackson camps Shiny mirrors save lives

Mickey wonders how many 26 is in dog years Jack's Camp

Jack, Debbie, and Mickey Chair salesmen do not care if they bug you during dinner

Camp Jim - take 1 Camp Jim - take 2

Angel's Hellions Jamboree 2002 - Wekiva Springs

Sudden solar flare Jan in pinup mode

Janet and Jan Our future Gypsy Queens

Jim Sandwich Austin discovers a small forest creature in his jacket.

Desi and Johnny Wekiva Springs

If you want copies of these photos, follow these links: Jim's Jamboree Photos and Kevo's Jamboree Photos (you'll need to register with Ofoto). If you can't access, you can ask Jim or Kevo to send you an invite to view the photos.

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