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Happy Hour 2021

Happy Hour: Drink Like There’s No Tomorrow

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Following the Great Plague of 2020, the HH Schedule is deeply affected. Vaccines are just now appearing (January 2021), but it is six weeks after your first dose and 10 days following your second dose before you gain the best immunity from both doses. Even then, you should still be masking, washing hands, keeping apart from non-pod folks, and watching the infection rates for your area. Needless to say, gathering at a bar or restaurant is taboo and unhealthy, not to mention dangerous for all of us, until the rates are decreasing and approaching zero. That will likely not be until Summer, at the earliest, possibly Fall of 2021. So hunker down and keep safe.

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Infection rates need to be way down to consider meeting.

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After decades of extensive research, endless interviews, tons of tastings, intensive analysis, careful scrutinizing, painful soul-searching, and a brief consultation with my Ouija board, I select my favorite bars to host our Friday Happy Hour. To find out more about the HH Spot, look it up in the Bar List, or call the bar.


* A Mystery Pick is a wildcard slot where we pick a new bar, or return to a favorite spot. We just like to wait 'til the last minute to name the place.

Vote Now! - send me your suggestions for a Mystery Pick. Or give me information about any of the bars in the area. - Bo

"There Are No Rules To Happy Hour" - Bo Zaza, Vice Commodore

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