Nate Bloom: Bass Master

I'm holding an 8.71 and an 8.09 lb bass - the two biggest fish I've weighed into a day tournament so far and part of a first place bag of 25 lbs.

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Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish,
and you'll be chasing him out of your pond all summer long.

- Clarence Johnston, Nate's great-grandfather

Nate's History

Nathan Bloom, born 1976 in Carbondale, IL, caught his first bass from shore at Kentucky Lake using a Texas-rigged plastic worm - before he was 2 years old! It was a 2.5 pounder. As a third-generation freshwater sport fisherman, Nate has shared fishing stories with his family and friends since he could talk. All this early training paid off. Nate participates in many tournaments each year as a member of Courtesy Anglers with his partner Tom Burk. Nate receiving his 1st Place trophy from Bassmasters

October 2003, Nathan finished first place out of 200 amateurs all three days at the Citgo Bassmasters Southern Open Trail Tournament held on Lake Okeechobee, October 17-19, 2003. He weighed in 8 pounds more bass than his closest competitor on the first day and kept his lead to 5 lbs on the 3rd day (in spite of fighting a cold) to claim the top prize. Nate's prize: a brand new $25,000 Skeeter bass boat with a 150 hp Yamaha engine!

Nathan lives in Orlando, Florida, with his lovely wife, Jackie, two young sons, Joey and Ethan, and his new baby daughter, Kenzie. He continues to avidly pursue the sport and shares his enthusiasm and tips with anyone who will listen.

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Gitem Sugar baits flipped up 9 lbs for Nathan and John during a tough day of fishing to take top honors at a recent tournament on Lake Rousseau. (Apologies for the photo quality - it was taken with a cellphone, the only camera available at the time.)

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Nate and Chip display their two biggest bass

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Nate's Fishing Tips

Soft Plastic Frogs

Soft plastic frogs are a big bass bait you must have in your tackle box. The big paddle feet make a thumping noise when reeled across the water. This is a bait that attracts the big ones. I like to use the Melon color with a green top and a white underbelly. Make a long cast over thick grass or lily pads and reel the frog back at a medium to fast pace. You can also pause it over an opening in the cover to give hesitant bass a second chance. Hang on: the strikes are explosive!

Carolina Rigging

This rig can be tried for a couple different things. Make a leader with a light hook (1/0, 2/0, or 3/0) and a swivel. The length of the leader is up to you to figure out. A good standard length is 12" to 18", but I've caught fish on all lengths from 6" to 5 feet. This type of fishing is not power fishing, so you want to use 10 to 17 lb test line for your leader. You can use heavier line for your main line. On your main line add your weight and glass bead and then tie your main to the other side of your swivel/leader. You will have to try different weights for deep or shallow water or for soft or hard bottoms. That is one of the best things about a C-Rig, it helps you find hard or soft bottom or brush piles, rocks, wood... etc. Favorite baits for this are Trick worms, Finesse worms, and Lizards, but you can try anything to get them to bite.


When all else fails, get out your heavy rod, strong line, and go in after them. When conditions are tuff, the fish get into the thickest stuff they can find, and we have to figure out how to get them out. Texas rig a worm, craw, lizard, or any creature bait in the tackle box. The thicker the cover, the heavier the weight. I like the 1/2 to 3/4 oz for most fishing and have used 1 oz tungsten weights when conditions call for it. The bait has to fall through the cover and hit bottom, when this happens let it sit for a couple of seconds and then hop it or shake it a few times before taking it out and relocating it.
TIP: Keep looking for different types of cover like grass, Maidencane, Hydrilla, Lily pads, Wood, so on and so on. You do have to cover a lot of water to locate fish, but normally, when you do find them, they're stacked in tight.

Texas Rig

This is the most common fresh water lure for the Big Green Fish. A bullet type weight and a 3/0 to 5/0 hook is standard. I like to peg the weight with a tooth pick to keep the weight from sliding on the line. Push the hook point through the head of the worm and pull it down and spin it to bring the point back to the body of the worm. Push the point through the body of the worm making sure that the hook and the worm are straight, then push the point back into the worm which is called "Skin Hooked" this makes it weedless. You can fish it shallow or deep, fast or slow. They either hit it on the way down, or when you twitch it on the bottom, or when you allow it to rest motionless for several minutes - called "Dead Sticking". A good solid hook set is important to keep 'em on the line while you drag 'em to the boat.

Nate and one of his Big Bass trophies

Press Articles on Nate's Fishing

Photos of Nate's Fishing Successes

Nate poses with the officers of his Fan Club at Lake Istokpoga. From Left to Right: Brent Wysong, Chip Dover, Nate, Tom Burk, and Big Bass Bob. Chip finished first place in the tournament that day, and Nate grabbed Angler of the Year for 2008 plus Big Bass of 2008.

Nate surrounded by Brent, Chip, Tom, and Bob.

Some of his latest catches:

In July, I took out my new friends from St.Louis for a taste of Florida fishin' on Johns Lake near Clermont. The big fish that Steve Gregg caught weighed 7 lbs. This was the first time fishing in the Sunshine State for Steve and his 14-year-old son, John Mark. Not a bad day. We also caught 25 other fish for the day. Besides keeping the net busy with bass including his biggest so far, John Mark took some great photos that day, too!

Nate showed Steve Gregg where to find big bass on Johns Lake including this SWEET 7-pounder! A trophy photo of a great bass. Gotta give your sponsor some. The bass weren't all huge, but both smiles on Steve and son were.

Nate uses Gitem Baits at HT3 Tournament on Lake Kissimmee Nate and Tom Burk got 'em with Gitem Baits! They each got 1st Place trophies, plus the Big Fish trophy, March 4, 2006, on Lake Monroe Nate grabs a hawg during practice Looks like a good pattern on Gitem Baits! Although it was only practice, our best five fish that day weighed over 23 lbs which is good enough to win many tournaments Nathan and Chip Dover take 1st Place and Big Bass Awards Loxahatchee Hawg Teaching Dad

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Nate's Handy Links

Always offer to bait your date's hook, especially on the first date.
- from the Redneck Book of Etiquette

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