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I feel a whole lot more like I do now than I did a while ago. - James "Jambolaya" Bass

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James Bass at Lion and the Eagle Pub, March 1998

Jim was so high, he thought he saw his name in lights.

John Wolfe at Cayo Costa, January 1997

You can see the dense fog approaching in the background.

Spyke at Livingston Lake, Florida, January 1997

Bo's ski bunny hoists a choice speckled perch she caught on SuperBowl Sunday.

Okeechobee Bassin', January 1995

Left: Greg Rossman helps Bo Zaza display his Okeechobee trophy. Right: Lee Stevens and Bo display the day's catch.

The HH Crew raises a toast to Albert Servantes for buying us a round all the way from England.

From left to right: Gary Dommer, Ce Brack, John Wolfe, Jim Van Putten, Lee Stevens, Linda Stevens, Mike Roland (crouching), Sharon Watts, Bo Zaza, Linford Bobbs, Mark Zeininger, Jo Rossman, Gary Becherer, Bob Goode, some guy who got caught up in the whole fervor, and Desi Cahill.

We'll Miss You, Albert

Albert and Spyke share a Christmas toast at the Slaby home in 1998.

Albert preparing to enter his "tent" at the 1994 Jamboree at Sugarloaf Key.

Mr. Albert Servantes, father, grandfather, noble subject of the United Kingdom, and revered member of the Happy Hour Crew, died on July 8, 1999. His jovial attitude, his willingness to grab life with both hands, and the fact that he came all the way from England to camp and to hang with us made Paul's father a favorite Gypsy Pilgrim at our Thanksgiving Jamboree for many years. His legacy extends far beyond the eponymous Albert Servantes Challenge Trophy, awarded each Jamboree to the Pilgrim who best exhibits the Albert-like qualities that most endeared him to us: a cheery face in the daytime and a thunderous snorer at night. He claimed his ultrasound sleep was due to a clear conscience. May he rest in peace. We'll all miss him dearly and remember him forever.
- Bo