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I've assembled some interesting sites for you. If you discover a site worthy of inclusion, go ahead: email the URL to me.


HH Crew Photos

HH Life Skills

National Hurricane Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Emergency Management Sites for all Florida Counties

ll Worst Hurricanes

Historical Hurricane Tracks

Ready - from the US Department of Homeland Security

Why are all the dark spots so interesting?

Toaster Museum - a museum dedicated to the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Ze Frank's Kaleidoscope

T-Rex: the antidote to driving boredom

If you like the T-Rex, you should also check out the Vigillante or the whole 3-wheeler world. I highly recommend the tour

Hippie Skivvies

National Do-Not-Call List

Hotel Zaza

Flies on the Wall, and on the Ceiling, and in the Sky

The Street Harassment Project: making streets safer for women

Crop Circles - so, what do they mean?

Johnny Glow - "Hallelujah! I can see where to pee!"

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Happy Hour Crew - photos of the HH Crew here.

Nate Bloom - Bass Master.

Bloom, Watts Family Stuff.

A Full Feature Film about Marshall Bloom - a soon-to-be-released film is now in progress documenting the life of man on the edge.

Pubmates International - a HH group of partiers in Washington, D.C., not unlike our own. (Formerly IBAC)

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Bar Car - booze and schmooze on the net (I really like this)

New Times - - weekend entertainment rag for various cities, such as: Miami, Broward and Palm Beach, also Phoenix, Denver, Cleveland, San Franciso, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and Kansas City.

Nightguide Fort Lauderdale - nice organization of information.

Nightguide Miami - nice organization of information.

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Beer Is My Life - Gak's rather ambitious creation spills over the top of your beer mug like fine head.

The Real Beer Page - great one-stop source

Brewer's Association - Organization devoted to craft beer and home brewing beer.

Meadlennium III - Central Florida Home Brewers group

Micro Gallery of Beer - If you think you know beer, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Great color photos of beer; up close - 09

Budweiser - be sure to lie about your age if you're not 21.

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Wine Spectator - magazine for oeniphiles.

Chateau Haut-Brion - France

Chateau Lafite-Rothschild - France

Beringer - California

Kendall-Jackson - California

Penfolds - Australia

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society - nice-looking website, but it often looks blurry.

Webtender - an absolutely great device to help you find that drink recipe.

Bombay Sapphire Gin - a clear remedy for today's stress.

Stoli - the site of Stoli, Stolichnaya, etc.

Absolut - absolutely delicious!

Cuervo Tequila - Make my margarita with Cuervo Especiale please.

Woodford Reserve - hand crafted small batch Kentucky bourbon.

Maker's Mark - small batch Kentucky bourbon.

Knob Creek - aged Kentucky bourbon. https://www.bulleit.com/

Jack Daniels - Tennessee whiskey. Great site, good use of web tricks (keep your sound ON).

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Cluster Ballooning - the rumors were true!

Naoto Hattori - New York artist with a modern take on a Bosch theme.

CTRL-ALT------DEL - Dutch artists creating bizarre computer tricks.

Marshmallow Peeps - ya gotta wonder about some folks.

Alligator Bob's® Gourmet Alligator meat snacks

Trigger - Roy's favorite horse, preserved forever, courtesy of Find-A-Grave.

Wacky Patent of the Month - my favorite is the Brass Monkey weather indicator.

Kaleidoscope Painter - you, too, can be a modern graphics artist.

Smithsonian Museum

Women Behind Bars - and I don't mean the ladies serving you drinks.

Dr Wang

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The Onion - entertaining satire.

Suck - no longer being created, but the pages are still held on some server.

The Daily Keeper - The Breastscan Project: an interesting selection of XXX-rated pictures, plus some other amusements.

Jack Hammer - Ok, I thought the Vagina Gaff was disturbing: but Jack Hammer goes much deeper; just not as deep as the Baby Jesus Butt Plug.

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey: philosophy with a twist.

Calvin and Hobbes - archives from Bill Waterson's great comic.

Dilbert - the corporate jester of the '90's.

DOODIE - very strange, potty humor

Losers on the Internet - a compendium of crap.

Mutton Bone - this just raises all kinds of questions about other people.

Homer Simpson - Homer is cool and he loves beer.

2600 - serious hackers

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Blue At Heart - WKPX DJ Dar's personal blues website.

Broward Arts - links to county-sponsored cultural events

Downbeat - America's best jazz magazine.

Chicago's Sound Experiment - a radio station that promotes new music (WNUR 89.3).

More Jazz Artists - another list of jazz musicians assembled by a John McLaughlin fan.

Rolling Stone - rock magazine.

House of Blues - a nationwide chain of topnotch blues clubs.

Alligator Records - small Chicago label with the greatest blues legends.

Zydeco - whoop it up.

Lyrics World - the words to many older popular tunes.

Candy Dulfer - jazz saxophonist.

Mister Bo - Bo Carlsson is an experienced blues guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and usurper of my good name

Bill Wharton & the Ingredients - this guy cooks on stage, literally.

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FestivalFinder - locate over 1,500 music festivals in North America, sorted by genre. See also: Blues Festivals.

South Florida Folk Festival - outdoor folk music festival

SunFest - Jazz & Pop Music Festival in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida over 4 days in the Spring.

Florida Folk Festival - annual folk music festival held in May at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center in White Springs, FL.

Riverhawk Music Festival a fly-in music event near Dade City, FL (between Tampa and Orlando).

Suwanee Spring Reunion - a Spring folk music festival in the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, Florida.

Fantasy Fest - outrageous annual tropical Halloween party.

Da Fest - The New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival, last weekend in April and first weekend in May.

Cajun/Zydeco Music - if you like cajun/zydeco music, this page has a ton of links to bands, festivals, etc.

San Francisco Blues Festival - blues by the bay

Oktoberfest - Munich - official Oktoberfest site

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The Shakespeare Oxford Society - was "a tale told by an idiot" Edward de Vere's reference to Slick Willy?

Fisher Space Pens - as a writer, I know good writing pens. These Space Pens are the best.

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Hoax du Jour - Internet myths, hoaxes, and the general bogus emails we all get are explained here.

Weather - Southeast US - radar for the southeastern section of the US.

NEWS: - CNN - CBS - MSNBC - NBC - ABC - FOX - USAToday - Time - US News - Drudge

ALTERNATE NEWS: - AlterNet.org - Cursor - Democrats - First Monday - In These Times - Libertarians - No More Fake News - PeaceFire - Radio Pacifica - The Smoking Gun - The Register - World Socialist

Sun Sentinel - Internet version of Fort Lauderdale's daily newspaper.

Miami Herald - Internet version of Miami's daily newspaper.

Palm Beach Post - Internet version of Palm Beach's daily newspaper.

Symantec Security Response - news about virus threats and security advisories.

The 14 Rules of Online Safety for Children

Parent Guide - Talk With Your Kids about Internet Safety

Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students - Internet safety tips against the most common threats

FBI: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

First Gov - general US government information site.

The Whitehouse - official site of the US President. Also: the Unofficial site.

The Senate - official site of the US Senate.

House of Representatives - official site of the House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court - official site of the US Supreme Court.

US Census - answers most "How many?" questions.

IRS - official site of the Internal Revenue Service.

Florida Dept of State - official Florida government site.

My Florida - citizen site for Florida's services.

Tucows - megs of FREE SOFTWARE!

CPR Guides - single page illustrated guides good to tape to the back of a kitchen cabinet door, or your car, camper, or other convenient places.

Domestic Postal Rate Calculator - the US Postal Service's handy online rate calculator for letters, packages, and special deliveries.

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Travelocity - online travel service.

Trip.com - online travel service.

Travel Yahoo - online travel service.

TravelNow - online travel service.

Bed & Breakfast Guide - not a complete directory, but it is growing.

Best Beaches in the USA - Dr Leatherman's collection of America's best beaches (including Hawaii).

US Department of State - travel warnings for Americans.

WWOZ - New Orleans - WWOZ Live!

Chef Paul Prudhomme - Famous Louisiana chef's recipes and cooking supplies

Stim - part women's ezine; part men's ezine.

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City of Fort Lauderdale - anything that's an official city event is listed here.

Delray Beach - contains city events and news.

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National Parks

Florida State Parks - 150 park areas that can provide you with quality recreational experiences.

Ocala National Forest - Florida's site of Ocala NF.

Ocala National Forest - USDA Forest Service's site for Ocala NF.

Florida Professional Paddlesports Association - Florida businesses focused on canoeing and kayaking.

Absolutely Florida - Florida canoeing resources.

Paddling - good canoe/kayak resource.

New York Kayak Company - some up$cale folding kayak$.

Florida Outdoors - Your gateway to discovering Florida's outdoor adventures

Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission for Freshwater and Saltwater

Florida Sportsman - great magazine for Florida fishermen.

More Florida Fishing Charters - a list of fishing charters in Florida.

South Florida Fishing Report - a regularly updated rundown of the fishing hotspots.

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